Sound Approach, Helping Inspire the Next Generation Of Bird Watchers

Recently we’ve had the pleasure to be working with the good people over at Sound Approach. We were approached to help by Sound Approach and Paul Morton to help them fulfil a ambition they’d had for quite awhile. To share, spread and inform people about the joys of Birding in Dorset.

Poole harbour and in particular Brownsea Lagoon is an area of unrivalled natural beauty and bird life. What Sound Approach and Paul Morton wanted to do was to share this privileged and exclusive environment with everyone, via their wonderful website and a live webcam.


Check out their website, the interactive map of poole and the DWT webcam now!

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SEO Excel Function for Clean Domains

I love using Excel for managing data, but occasionally getting clean (when I say clean I mean pristine, shiny, perfect) domains is difficult.

So I finally found a simple function that achieved this and here it is:


Simply replace A1 with the cell containing the long version of the domain and you’ll have a beautiful, clean url. I like to put a IFERROR function in just to make it cleaner if something does go wrong.

Rather than messing around with a MID function this is the simplest way. Enjoy!

For more great Excel functions for SEO’s check out John Doherty’s Eight Excel Functions for SEO.

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A Client’s Guide To : Infographics

Here at Beetleweb we like to help our clients understand why and what we do. For this reason recently we’ve been working on producing interactive informative articles for our various processes and tools. Which we’ve entitled A Client’s Guide To.

So to start this series of Content and as an elaborate answer to a question on Quora, here is our Guide to how Infographic work. Click the image to see How Infographics Work

how to use infographics

Want this infographic on your site? Simply copy and paste the below embed code to share on your own site!

<p><a href=""><img src="" alt="how to use infographics" width="610" height="857" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-1138" /></a></p>
<p>A client's Guide to <a href="">How Infographics Work</a> by <a href="">Beetleweb</a></p>
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Uber Suggest Google Doc Scraper


As an SEO I like to use Ubersuggest to get variations for keyword research. Rather than having to do this manually it’s useful to scrap ubersuggest using a Google Document. So I made one that I thought’d I’d share.

Click the link below to download it:

Here’s how to use it:

  • Open The Google Document
  • Select File > Make A Copy
  • Enter the Search Query you want Ubersuggests for
  • Select English UK or English USA or French or German
  • See you Ubersuggest results

Let me know if you have any suggestions or if you need any help with it!

Notes: I’ve now changed it so that it has additional French/German options.

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SagePay Test Card Details

When using SagePay, you will need to need to test your transactions using SagePay. Below are test transaction card details that you can use to do so:

Card Type Card Number Card Expiry CV2 Value Address Number Post Code
Visa 4929000000006 12/15 123 88 TE4 12ST
Visa Delta 4462000000000003 12/15 123 88 TE4 12ST
Visa Electron UK Debit 4917300000000008 12/15 123 88 TE4 12ST
Mastercard 5404000000000001 12/15 123 88 TE4 12ST
UK Maestro 5641820000000005 12/15 123 88 TE4 12ST
International Maestro 300000000000000004 12/15 123 88 TE4 12ST
Solo 6334900000000005 12/15 123 88 TE4 12ST
American Express 374200000000004 12/15 123 88 TE4 12ST
Japan Credit Bureau 3569990000000009 12/15 123 88 TE4 12ST
Diners Club 36000000000008 12/15 123 88 TE4 12ST
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Magento – Custom Order Flags

So, you’ve made a sale on your Magento store and you’re seeing it in the backend BUT when you go to set the order status, there’s only one (maybe two) choices? If you’re like one of our clients recently, they wanted the option to have custom order status flags.

Can it be done? ‘YES’

If you’re in your Magento admin panel, choose

System -> Order Statuses

Once you’re here, it seems quite straight forward but there are a few hurdles and confusing parts.

So to begin, choose ‘Create New Status‘ add in a ‘status code’ (identifier), ‘Status Label’ (Readable) and you also have the option to set ‘Store Specific Labels’. Great, hit save.

Next up, you should now see your new status in the list. Only thing is it hasn’t been assigned to a state. Click ‘Assign Status to State‘. Choose the status the ‘Status’ you just created and then at which state this label should be an option. Save that.

There you have it! If you now go to Sales -> Orders, select your order and you should be able to choose your new status if the order is in the state you assigned.

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Using Gated Facebook Pages to Increase Likes

Over the festive season we created and ran an online social media marketing campaign for our client a Luxury Spa. The premise was simple, we wanted something that people would share and enjoy. To achieve this, we created an online advent calendar with daily give-aways.

In order to acheive the maximum number of Facebook Fans we created a gated Facebook page, which required users to be fans of SenSpa before they could get access to the promotion. Here’s an illustration to demonstrate visitor flow.

gated facebook pages

Gated Facebook pages have decreased in influence since the Facebook Timeline was launched. As Facebook prevented you being able to use them as landing pages. However using them as an access point to a promotion is a valid method of pushing people to become fans. By creating pages with a direct call to action for people to like your page, is a great way of using gated Facebook pages. I always use Red Bulls’ CTA to demonstrate how effective this can be:

red bull like our page
Here’s a link to Red Bull’s Landing Page

So here’s how we did it:

We used this app called iFrame Apps. Then simply configure the app as required, with one non-fan landing page (with a strong call to action) and another taking them to the promotion.

1. Promote Your Offer/Giveaway On Facebook
Promote you offer/giveaway simply by making a status about it on Facebook. But link directly to your iFramed page. We used Facebook advertising to extend the reach of these posts.

facebook promotion

2. Push Them To Like You
By pushing them to this page and telling them what to do, most people will simply like you to gain access to the offer. Here’s what ours looked like:

3. They Like You
Once they like you they see the Fan version of this page. Which will push them to your promotion page hosted on your site.

4. They Go To Your Promotion
Your new fans then enter the promotion, with another social push for them to share this on Facebook. Here’s what ours looked like:

Not only did this method get about 2,000 new Facebook fans for SenSpa. But their Christmas Promotional Page was also shared 3,804 & liked 1,345 times on Facebook, not to mention the 20,890 visits it got over the 25 days it was active.

Using gated pages means you make the most of the social traffic whilst also delivering people to your promotion in a controlled way. You just have to make sure the promotion is enough of an incentive to drive that traffic.

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Google URL Search Parameters

Recently I’ve been analysing Google Results inside a Google Doc Dashboard combining two of my favourite things, Spreadsheets and Search. Using Google Docs Importxml functionally you can pull in classes from any URL. For more information check out Distilled’s Excellent Guide

But I couldn’t find an easy to understand resource except for Yoast PDF cheat sheet on Google’s URL Search Parameters. So I thought I’d share what I had learnt:

This is what your URL becomes if you search for ‘christmas’

Here’s what this actually means:
google search parameters for christmas

Here are these parameters explained
hl= Human Interface Language. In this case this is set a ‘en’ which is English.
safe= Whether Safe Search is enabled ‘on’ or disable ‘off’
tbo= Whether or not to display search tools in the left sidebar (not very important for Importxml scraping)
site= This specifies you are doing a site search.
source= This is Google’s navigation parameter specifying where you came from. (hp= homepage)
q= Query
oq= Original Query. If you originally search for something then amended your search using Google Suggest, this should display the previous term you were entering.
Personalised Info. Not important

Additional Terms it’s useful to know
gl= Geo-Location. For scraping I tend to use ‘UK’

I hope it helps. Let me know in the comments if you’d like me to add detail on any other of Google’s URL Parameters. I’ll be uploading a copy of my Google Results Scraper shortly.

Additional resources can be found here: &

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94% of Users Click Organic Results, Apparently

Recently I had been contemplating how Google’s push towards paid search had been changing the shape of the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

Over the years Rand Fishkin had mentioned that organic search gets 80% of the clicks and presented an image like this:
magento developers SERP
This was a marker that I stood by and generally used to justify Organic Search strategies for our Magento Developers page as well as for our clients.

However my assumption was that this has decreased with the increase in Paid Search. Thus I was surprised when an Infographic recently released by the Search Agents seems to rebuke my assumptions.

After further investigation I found the source of their data to be the good people over at Search Engine Watch. But disappointing the source of their stats come from a study in June 2011 by eConsultancy, where paid Search wasn’t as dominate as it is now.

This leaves me with two questions:
1) What is an accurate organic click rate now, in 2012?
I stand by my belief that organic search still gets a leading majority, but that it is in decline. I wouldn’t be surprised by 76% rather than 80%

2) What percentage of average Google users now know which of the SERP is organic and which is Paid results?
I surmise that nowadays with more real estate is given to paid search, that users are less consciously aware of which is which

Let me know what you think, i’m putting together some research to try and answer both questions.

Here’s the infographic if you are interested:
Occupy SEO - We are the 94%

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Magento Table Rates – Creator

As Magento Developers we work on a lot of Magento Sites. Magento Table Rates are something which often tends to confuse our clients. With the range of complex magento country codes, region codes and no example format easily downloadable, it can be a little more difficult than necessary.

So we have created an Easy to Use Magento Table Rate Creator to create a Magento table rate CSV’s . Click the images to download below:
Magento Table rates Creator

Here’s How to to use it:

  1. Download the Magento Table Rate Creator
  2. Open the Excel Document
  3. Be Sure to enable Macros (See slide for more info if necessary)
  4. Select the Country you’d like to ship to from the dropdown menu
  5. Select the Region from the dropdown
  6. Enter Order Subtotal
  7. If you’d like to match Postcodes, enter all the postcodes you’d like to match. One below each other in the postcodes section
  8. Enter the Shipping Cost for this Country, Region, Order Subtotal & Postcodes
  9. Click Populate
  10. Repeat until you have all the shipping config required.
  11. Copy and paste from the Output tab into the Magento Sample Table Rate CSV.
  12. Save this file
  13. Upload into your Magento Admin. (found at Admin > System > Configuration > Shipping Methods > Table rates ). If the upload option is not available change the Current Configuration Scope to Main Website

Or view the below slideshows for step by step instructions:

If you have any issues or need any help with this, just let us know in the comments below.

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