94% of Users Click Organic Results, Apparently

Recently I had been contemplating how Google’s push towards paid search had been changing the shape of the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

Over the years Rand Fishkin had mentioned that organic search gets 80% of the clicks and presented an image like this:
magento developers SERP
This was a marker that I stood by and generally used to justify Organic Search strategies for our Magento Developers page as well as for our clients.

However my assumption was that this has decreased with the increase in Paid Search. Thus I was surprised when an Infographic recently released by the Search Agents seems to rebuke my assumptions.

After further investigation I found the source of their data to be the good people over at Search Engine Watch. But disappointing the source of their stats come from a study in June 2011 by eConsultancy, where paid Search wasn’t as dominate as it is now.

This leaves me with two questions:
1) What is an accurate organic click rate now, in 2012?
I stand by my belief that organic search still gets a leading majority, but that it is in decline. I wouldn’t be surprised by 76% rather than 80%

2) What percentage of average Google users now know which of the SERP is organic and which is Paid results?
I surmise that nowadays with more real estate is given to paid search, that users are less consciously aware of which is which

Let me know what you think, i’m putting together some research to try and answer both questions.

Here’s the infographic if you are interested:
Occupy SEO - We are the 94%

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One Response to 94% of Users Click Organic Results, Apparently

  1. Shaun Kirk says:

    Think it depends on sectors,

    we have one site that is number one (organically) on Google for its primary search term but we are also top for the same term (ppc) and the PPC attract 3 times more visitors that the organic results. There are always 3 positions on the PPC. This is a site offering a professional service to consumers, the majority when ask why they choose us say because we where number one on Google (they used PPC to find us) people still don’t know the difference.

    Yet on an e-commerce site when we have PPC (text), merchant centre, top 5 listing and PPC product ads all displaying the same product the merchant centre gets the most clicks.

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