Magento – Custom Order Flags

So, you’ve made a sale on your Magento store and you’re seeing it in the backend BUT when you go to set the order status, there’s only one (maybe two) choices? If you’re like one of our clients recently, they wanted the option to have custom order status flags.

Can it be done? ‘YES’

If you’re in your Magento admin panel, choose

System -> Order Statuses

Once you’re here, it seems quite straight forward but there are a few hurdles and confusing parts.

So to begin, choose ‘Create New Status‘ add in a ‘status code’ (identifier), ‘Status Label’ (Readable) and you also have the option to set ‘Store Specific Labels’. Great, hit save.

Next up, you should now see your new status in the list. Only thing is it hasn’t been assigned to a state. Click ‘Assign Status to State‘. Choose the status the ‘Status’ you just created and then at which state this label should be an option. Save that.

There you have it! If you now go to Sales -> Orders, select your order and you should be able to choose your new status if the order is in the state you assigned.

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  1. This is very helpful and easy to follow, thank you for the run through.

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